Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wow! Just 1 coat of shellac

I have spent about 4 hours applying Shellac. My arms are feeling it right now, not to mention so does my back. After sanding the birch, I washed it with Murphy Oil Soap. I have applied the first coat, and boy what a difference it has made.

You can see the difference in this picture. The wall with shellac compare to the cabinet

Again the wall and outside cabinet with shellac, the inside of the cabenit and ceiling without

Same as above

This is the product I used. Total 1 quart of Shellac

I will next sand with steel wool and apply a second coat, but not today. After enough coats to achieve a nice warm glow, I will most likely apply a paste wax.

I was very worried about using Shellac, but at this point was amazed at the results. Today was a perfect day to use Shellac. The temperature was low 60's F, low humidity, and a nice breeze to keep the fumes down. I applied it by not brushing, but by stroking one way with the grain of the wood. I would begin a small area and start about 1/2 inch inside the corner and work outwards and than trim the 1/2 inch remaining. Shellac dries very quickly, so I did small areas at a time. One thing I have learned over the years, is not to go cheap with your brush. You must put some money into the brush to have a good finish.

You can still see blemishes in the wood, but I personally like that look. I'm not going for a new look, just a nice vintage look. She is about as old as me, and it's okay to have wrinkles. 

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