Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Window Box

One of my fellow restorers made a window box for her Shasta. I like her idea so much I made a window box for Rosie.

Thanks Kel!! Her is her blog:

I bought a 30 inch window basket and removed the liner. My father
removed the bracket with a drimel.

My brother owns a framing shop, so he supplied me with a piece
of foam board that I placed in the bottom of the basket

Where the bracket were removed I added bumpers with
hot glue. This also covers up some ruff edges. I added
a couple of bumpers to each lower edge.

I hot glued foam to the foam board and added
my flowers and leaves.
Looks great!

I added flora wire and place the wire in the lower groove
of the window.

Here is the finished basket on Rosie

All I need to do is take it down and store it while we are on the go!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finished Painting Rosie

Today was a beautiful day! The first under 90 degrees in weeks. So I decided today would be the day I would finish painting the other two sides of Rosie.

Oops tape still on the stripe

She looks so good! But boy am I tired!