Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adventure with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles

I went to the Bureau of Motor Vehicle of Indiana today to title my 62 Shasta Compact. I do have the title in hand. I purchased her in August of 2010. The previous owner titled her in 1985 and last plated her in 2005.

I asked, "Is there a vintage plate I can purchase?"
BMV, looking bewildered, "No."
I thought, 'Thanks for checking,' I'm sure she knows everything about the BMV. I'll call the state later for information on vintage plates.

The BMV kept asking, "Is this a pop-up?" "No." three more times, after her asking the same questions again and again. I explained my Shasta does not have a bathroom. She proclaimed, "Neither do pop-ups." I clarified, "Some pop-ups now have bathroom with showers." Surprised look, "Oh, they do?" "No," again, she's not a pop-up.

I now have state form 39771, Body Clarification/Body Type Change Affidavit. She wrote instructions down. The P/D, she explained is the police department, is to fill out the bottom of the form. The BMV needs from the P/D, the make, model, length, and value of the travel trailer.

The form is valid for 14 days. I hope the P/D officer has knowledge of vintage Shasta Trailers!

I'll post more after I follow their guidelines.

It is a terrible rainy day here and no one wants to measure and check vin numbers in the rain and puddles.

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