Sunday, April 10, 2011

Floor insulation and boards are in! Second weekend problem or more!

On Sunday we began with putting insulation under the floor board.

That went quite well!

We placed the first section of the floor board in the rear of the camper.

All screwed down! Looks great!
Front section of flooring installed.

Why is there a gap between the boards?

We didn't remember a gap when we removed the floor boards???

Do you see what I see?

Had to laugh, even though it means more work for later!

Now we know why there is a gap in the floor boards.

Now that is much better!
 That problem solved! But wait! The door won't close!

Next problem!

We had to trim the floor board by the door.
The board was too thick.

Oh and if you see the grass stuck in the rear frame....

You know Bill took a ride on the inside as the camper tipped up when he walked to the rear!!
By the way he's okay! I love that man!


  1. Oh my...I have done that ..going down in the back when I forgot to put the jacks underneath..scared the you know what out of me...then I laughed...

  2. Bill yelled, "Traci, what did you do?" I started laughing and ran to the tong and push the little camper back down.

  3. Hilarious. You're right...ya gotta laugh.

    Keeps ya off the sauce. ;)

    Very cute. Thanks for sharing.

  4. cute, I have a 62 Shasta also, a bit bigger

  5. @Holt House,
    Thanks for following. What model is your 62 Shasta? Just don't you love them!

  6. This is too funny. I don't feel quite at all alone on the more comical (at least looking back) aspects of restoration. With the skin off the whole thing is way more initimidating.