Monday, June 13, 2011

What a lovely weekend

I spent much of the day Saturday afternoon and Sunday working on the exterior of the Shasta. I took time to apply some Bondo to the aluminum skin. It took lots of muscle to sand that stuff smooth. While I worked on the exterior, Bill cut and placed boards under the sink area and the closet. I decided I want carpet for the flooring. I'll probably regret it, but I think it feels nicer on the toes! We went to the hardware store I picked out a dark brown color. At least it shouldn't show dirt.

Now to night after applying a coat of paint to the Bondo areas I decided to clean a couple of areas and try the paint color we picked up yesterday. We picked out Krylon Cherry Red gloss for the bottom half and Ivory gloss for the upper half. It will be bright! Click in the red color family and one of the colors shown in Cherry Red.


Cherry Red

Brown carpet with curtain material
 Ready for bed, my day off tomorrow, Going to give Rosie a bath and see about a paint job tomorrow. Hope it's not windy tomorrow!

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