Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paint Day

Spent eight hours painting the curb side and the front today. My daughter Katie has a big help today. We took turns spraying paint.

I first started with the bottom half and used five cans of Cherry Red. Of course I covered the windows and anything else I didn't want paint on. After the side and front was "red" we covered the bottom half and began spraying the top. Six cans of Ivory and we where very tired and very pleased with our work.

The day was in the upper 70's and overcast. There was a breeze today, but not a constant breeze.

We are not professionals by any means. There still are areas I want to fill in and redo, but that will come later.

After a nice dinner at Applebee's (Someone else could do the cooking tonight) I sprayed the tongue with paint stripper and it cleaned up really well. I applied Rust-oleum hammered finish paint in silver.


  1. She looks amazing! I love the red color, it looks so nice with the polished aluminum stripe.

  2. Great job! I love the colors! I am also a fellow Shasta owner!