Monday, June 20, 2011


Spent most of the weekend cleaning the ice box and the Holiday three burner stove with oven. Oh so dirty, only 49 years of grime. When I purchased her the previous owner gave me a box with pieces of the range. So glad for the Vintage Shasta Forum for help. A member sent me a picture of how the stove looks, (put together) hopefully I can piece it back together using the picture. Think of it like a puzzle.

I decided to just spray paint the ice box to help clean it up. Sorry no pictures of the dirt, but I promise pictures when I'm done cleaning up the appliances. I'm still thinking of adding a small refrigerator instead of the ice box. To do that I would need to trim the cabinet space to make it fit.

This week is dedicated to getting Rosie ready for the local car show, "Cars and Guitars," held downtown Seymour, Indiana. The fun starts at 2:00 on Saturday and ends with a band. Maybe I'll see some of you there! Please stop by and say 'Hi!'

Here is the link:

Will have pictures of the staging of Rosie.

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