Sunday, September 19, 2010

Electrical plugs

No pictures to post from our work this weekend. Bill completed the tail lights this past Friday. Most of the lights work except for the front running lights. No wires were found so we will need to add wiring to make them function. Saturday he started adding electrical receptacles. We are adding one under the camper on the outside to run lights or a fan. He added a receptacle box inside in the back of the trailer. We will also be adding a receptacle box under the kitchen cabinet for the refrigerator. Our goal is to change out the fuse box for a bigger box.

While Bill was working on the electrical system, I began polishing the street side window frame. I used a fine sanding block, 3M Rubbing Compound, and steel wool. I found that by removing the screws one side at a time, polished that area and than replacing the screws works the best.

I promise to post pictures soon.

Here are the pictures I promised.
This is as far as Bill has gotten on replacing the fuse box

Plug added under the frame so we can have an outside plug.


  1. Looking good!!...I am on the hunt for a little Shasta compact..hope that will be my next trailer renovation. Just starting to work on my 1956 Airstream Bubble..exciting..

  2. Thanks for following. It's exciting renovating these treasures!