Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Making her z-stripe shine

I have spent several days removing dry adhesive from the z-stripe from a red stripe that the former owner had applied. By the way, the red stripe blew off when we brought her home. I used a glass top stove razor to remove the adhesive. I tried adhesive remover, but with no avail.

I was up early this morning to beat the heat. I was so glad that today I would be starting to make her lighting bolt shine. I began by used a fine sanding block and went over the z-stripe in one direction. She has many scratches and dings, but I know I can make her shine again. After sanding her I applied two coats of 3M Rubbing Compound with a lot of elbow grease. I than completed today's shine by going over the z-stripe with a buff on a power drill. The next process will be applying Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish, but that for another day.

The day ended with my girls coming over and giving her a bath. We discussed what we should name her and Rosie was the name that seems to match our little girl.

I will say I am ready for a hot bath and of course some ibuprofen.


  1. The early 60's model of the Compacts are my favorite. They are truly adorable! Something about a teeny canned ham gets me every time (:

  2. Kelle,

    I so agree with you! My little girl now has a name, Rosie!